E.ChildrenThe Mentally retarded

Dear learners, here we shall discuss the phenomenon of Mental disability.

या पानावर आपण मानसिक दृष्टया अक्षम असलेल्या बालकांची चर्चा करू। ही  मुले पाहा ज़रा। कशी वाटतात ?


ही सर्व मुले मानसिक मंद आहेत !!  :-(
Mental retardation (MR) is a condition diagnosed before age 18, usually in infancy or prior to birth, that includes below-average general intellectual function, and a lack of the skills necessary for daily living.
मानसिक मंदत्व म्हणजे शैशवावस्था किंवा जन्मापूर्वीची ती अवस्था जी की 
 बालकात असलेल्या सर्वसाधारणापेक्षा कमी बौद्धिक क्षमतेने आणि दैंनदिन जगण्यासाठी आवश्यकपणे लागणारे  कौशल्यांच्या अभावाने ओळखली जाते ।
When onset occurs at age 18 or after, it is called dementia, which can coexist with an MR diagnosis. 
जेव्हा ही अवस्था वय वर्षे 18 किंवा तत्पश्चात उद्भवते तेंव्हा तीस  डिमेंशिया म्हणले जाते । आणि ही अवस्था मानसिक मंदत्वासोबत ही दिसून येते ।

Intelligence level as determined by individual standard assessment is below 70, and the ability to adapt to the demands of normal life is impaired. This is important because it distinguishes a diagnosis of MR from individuals with low IQ scores who are able to adapt to the demands of everyday life. Education, job training, support from family, and individual characteristics such as motivation and personality can all contribute to the ability of individuals with MR to adapt.

टीप:   वाचक हो, हे पृष्ठ अजूनी अपूर्ण आहे। यावर कार्य सुरू आहे ।

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