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RUSA 090913 (Rashtriya Uchhtar Shiksha Abhiyaan) 
NCF (National Curricular Framework) 2005
NKC (National Knowledge Commission) 2006-09

IELTS, British Council
National Portal of India
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An interesting diversion meanwhile.....

Evolutionary Psychology !!! I am so fascinated by this subject. We need to incorporate a couple of relevant topics into the Curriculum for our Teacher Education too.

A recently emerging discipline that has gathered much attention of the educationists, its been there on the net since  I have been combing for this . Us teachers are so happy in our comfort zones. and the Boards of Studies at our Universities with a couple of exceptions rarely send out feelers or explore if there's any way some new emerging topics may be incorporated or a whole paradigm be changed.

very soon after a couple of such website references, i shall be offering my own version / my own understanding of the topic. Do read and turn in that direction.

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