Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dear Teacher Trainers and educators, Teaching is not merely doling out of the quantum or corpus of knowledge into the heads of the learners but it is bringing about, facilitating the process in them.we must take into account the following things when we are into teaching....

1. The learner characteristics
2. The dominant learning styles of the class
3. Any exceptions such as the gifted/ learning disabled/ challenged ones/ differently abled
4. Appropriate approaches to teaching
5. Intelligence level  as well as the intelligence typing of the students etc.

and there are still so many ingredients that go into it.  But it is an experience that even in the best of the schools, teachers barely attend to the needs of maximum students. often it is a race against time and completion of syllabus is the prime objective for both the management and the teachers.

One feels that learning needs to be handled very systematically.

1. the students  needs be analyzed and classified
2. the students intelligences be analyzed and classified
3. the average dominant learning style of the class be identified
4. class dynamics be studied at least.....
All this before one  goes into the selection of the content and learning approaches. That will avoid handling the students enmasse.

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